• Exploring the impact Across Generations,
  • And tailoring Minds To the Digital Culture

We are a full service agency, especialized in Digital Solutions.

Who we are

We are yuppie

We saw the the birth of digital comunication, and becames solid and mature over the years.

Yuppie is a acronym term for "Young Urban Professionals”, the post-hippie generation from the '80s to '90s. We at Yuppie Digital Experience believe in outcomes and corporative ascension through: smart innovation, professional focus and teamwork.

Our Methodology

Yuppie was set up by professionals who believe in the digital cyberculture oriented digital communication, turned stabel and substantial. Finally, We envision a latent demand to be explored.

  • Research

    We have conducted a A current business and Market diagnosis, fetching data that foster a strategic consultancy.

  • Solution

    We have a digital positioning relationship also involving social media and mobile platforms.

  • Performance

    We provide an analysis of statistics and performance to the project, in addition to maintenance services.

What we do

We develop digital solutions and mobile applications, based on convergent platforms.

Websites, hotsites, e-commerce, hosting, content management search engine, webapp, app,email marketing. It doesn't matter one, all of them are just digital tools.


From classic to contemporary, oriented to the user experience, using the most modern development solutions.

Social Media

We define and build communication channels that adapt the brand's profile in social media.


Native Apps and responsive sites, adapted to the different mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Branding Digital

We conducted a reliable work between the brand and the consumer, seeking recognition and loyalty.


We develop customer relationships, brand monitoring Quote, seeking social engagement, handling crisis and business improvement.

Investment Management

We offer investments in communication, through a top-down format, analysing needs, latent opportunities, market situation.

Usability is a necessary condition for survival

-Jakob Nielsen-


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